Value Added at the Berkey Creamery

If you aren't a regular at the Berkey Creamery at Penn State you may not be aware of a little value added feature -- a daily appearance of National Geographic magazines on the tables. I've seen issues dating from the 1940's through the current issue. This isn't an official activity but more a labor of love of Dr. Fred Kroger, professor emeritus of food science, or at least a desire to not see these magazines head to the landfill without being read a few more times.

These magazines began appearing one day years ago at the old Creamery at Borland Lab and I eventually tracked them back to Dr. Kroger. He found that a lot of National Geographic magazines were being donated to the AAUW for their annual book sale and since they don't sell magazines they were being thrown away. He decided that people sitting at the Creamery eating ice cream or their lunch might like some reading material and those magazines were just going to waste so every morning on his way to his office he would distribute them. I have a couple favorites here in my office.

One of the many little value added features in the College of Agricultural Sciences.


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