Farm Show: Kids Like to Play

Farm Show offers all sorts of excitement for kids. Like the carousel in the Family Living Area of the Main Exhibition Hall. Kids have the chance to play, explore and learn about everything from animal health to water quality.

Naveen Chikthimmah, instructor in food science, introduced kids to some simple food safety issues and watched as they played a game that required them to put into practice the things they learned.

Buzy Q was busy entertaining the kids in the Little Farmers area where they could dig and haul all sorts of things with plastic buckets.

The Ag Magic Show was a hit with kids. The presenter kept everyone spellbound with balloon animals and stories. The show was a big draw and right across from Penn State’s 4H exhibit. For parents interested in educational programs for their children it was the place to be.

Tim Kelsey was busy helping kids of all ages explore the ins and outs of community development through the use of handmade wooden buildings. 

Moving and building small communities opened the door for discussion about real world issues that adults face in communities.

I watched the people who visited with Tim and almost all, young and old, seemed mesmerized by the wooden structures.

And for high school students Mariane Fivek, Office of Undergraduate Education, was available to talk to potential students and their parents about careers in the agricultural sciences and a future as a student in the College of Agricultural Sciences at Penn State. I made this picture during one of Mariane’s presentations.

For every age there is something of interest and enjoyment at the Farm Show. It just takes a few moments to take a walk and see what you discover.


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