Farm Show: Big Machines

One of the big attractions at Farm Show are the hundreds of machines on display. For many visitors it will be the only time they see a farm tractor up close and be able to admire the complexity of design and construction.

The size of this boom sprayer is impressive and you wonder just how someone manages to operate it efficiently and safely.

When I hear the word safety a picture of Dennis Murphy, distinguished professor of agricultural and biological engineering, pops into my head. I made this picture when I ran into him at the Pennsylvania Agricultural Safety and Health exhibit. He is an internationally recognized leader in agricultural safety and health and there are people alive today as a direct result of his commitment to agricultural safety. 

I looked up an old 2001 press release announcing Dennis being named a Distinguished Professor by the Office of the President. The release stated “As a result of his work, Murphy can document a nearly 50 percent reduction in the rate of farm work injury in Pennsylvania over the past 10 years.”

That’s impressive.  

And Dennis is just one of over 100 outstanding Penn State faculty, Extension Educators, and staff members who participate at the Farm Show. And many more students, alums, and retirees all help with the day-to-day operations of such a huge event.

What machines have you admired at the Farm Show?


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the tractors are really awesome!

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