Farm Show: Working

Preparing and erecting the exhibit at our site in the Farm Show Complex is both detail and labor intensive. Garo Goodrow, Exhibits and Graphic Design Specialist, and Rick Johnson of the Pesticide Education Program, begin transport a truckload of equipment, exhibits, and stuff to the Penn State Ag Sciences exhibit space. It takes a lot of work just to get everything onto the floor. Rick is just one of the many Penn State employees who will be working to make sure people can get the information they need.

In order to have Web access in the exhibit site a vendor has to bring an internet connection to life. Some time on the ladder and working through a myriad of wires and cables he eventually has a connection for us to use. During the week Extension Educators and faculty will be able to bring up relevant information for visitors on a wide range of topics.

Peter Warren, videographer and media specialist, has to unpack everything necessary to put a stage and sound system together for all the presentations that will take place through out the week. This includes configuring a small stage, making sure the microphones, speakers, and amp work well, and that the plasma monitors function as they should.

Topics covered in the exhibit theater include everything from water quality and the benefits of green roofs to biomedical sciences in our college and use and storage of household pesticides.

Complete information and times for presentations is available on the College Theatre Schedule at the Farm Show Web page.


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