Sampling the Presidential Ice Cream

It was a spur of the moment thing in the Quality Lab of the Creamery at Penn State. I was photographing cross-sections of the presidential ice cream flavors, Obama Whitehouse, Bidenberry, and BaRocky Road and watched sadly as each container of ice cream went into the trash can after I made the picture. When we got to the BaRocky Road I just couldn’t help myself and from my lips came, “Give me a spoon”. I just could not let all that chocolate and ice cream goodness slip away. After a few minutes of sampling I gave it the thumbs up and turned away for other pictures.

That’s what being a photographer is all about.

Check out all the pictures of the process of preparing the ice cream and packing it up for shipment HERE.

And the news release giving all the details of what is happening with the ice cream is available HERE.

I did the right thing didn't I?


hrw115 said…
Ha! Now I have a reason to go to the Creamery to try these out. :)
Steve Williams said…
There are already lots of reasons to go to the Creamery. Bagels, hot chocolate, lunch, pizza, and more.

These flavors were custom packed for the inauguration. Not sure if they are going to make their way into general circulation.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for posting the Penn State Live links, Steve! You definitely did the right thing sampling the ice cream -- consider it taking one for the team. ;-) The spoon shot is my absolute favorite!

If the public gets a vote I will be stumping for BaRocky Road, influenced by your image and description to me of its chocolaty goodness!

- Jill@Penn State Live

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