Kids Meet Science

My fascination with blackboards and whiteboards continues. I find the scientific dialogue and collaboration reflected in the words and equations fascinating. At times you can see the thought process of a group of people unfold before your eyes. It occurs in the College of Ag Sciences and across the University Park campus. I expect the same process unfolds at universities and colleges across the planet.

A new element appears in this one. The marks of children. Or a researcher who draws with childlike accuracy. I prefer to imagine a child tagging along with mom or dad, listening to the foreign language floating in the air, sensing the collaboration afoot, and creating their own representation of scientists coming together on a problem.

Then again their drawing could have been their first.

And in case you haven't realized this --- if you click on the pictures you get a larger view.


Jillian said…
Was this Chris M's office!!??
Steve Williams said…
No, this was in another person's office.

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