Dean Bruce A. McPheron

As the clock strikes midnight Dr. Bruce A. McPheron becomes the new Dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences at Penn State succeeding Bob Steele who steps down after 12 years as Dean. I made this portrait in May and was saving it for now. I suspect Dean McPheron will appear in more pictures in the coming weeks and months.

If you are interested in a view of the college and the issues it faces through the eyes of the dean you can follow his thoughts on his blog, Twitter feed, or new Dean's Desk Web site. Make sure to check it out.


Anonymous said…
Steve/Bruce...this picture so aptly illustrates how warm and inviting our College is. Welcome Dean McPheron!

George M said…
The College is in good hands with Dr. McPheron. He understands the importance of agricultural research and it's role in a strong society. As Penn State wrestles with the challenges it faces it is good to have a natural leader like Dean McPheron at the helm.

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