Signs of Spring at University Park

I made this picture at the Berkey Creamery on my way back to my office on Friday. It’s still chilly in the morning, not the balmy sort of weather that will fill the outdoor seating to capacity, but it was a bit more evidence that warm weather isn’t too far off.

Earlier in the day I was looking at the trees and shrubs that will be planted, maybe this week, at the Arboretum at Penn State. There are thousands of perennial plants, trees and shrubs waiting to turn what looks like a huge construction site into the H.O. Smith Botanic Gardens. Surely a sign of spring at Penn State.

If that isn’t enough then mud surely is evidence of spring thawing. This mud was at the Arboretum. Unfortunately some of that mud followed me back to my office and across the carpet of the College Relations office. Another sign of spring is an extra pair of boots in my truck. 

The footprints on the carpet reminded me of a cartoon from The Family Circus.

I’m in trouble.


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