The Millenium Science Complex

On the way to work this morning I stopped to look at the Millenium Science Complex construction at the corner of Bigler and Pollock Roads.  It's a big project and when completed will bring together the Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences and the Materials Research Institute, both enterprises that researchers in the College of Ag Sciences participate.

I made this picture this morning from the top of the Eisenhower Parking Deck.  As a freshman in the summer of 1972 this area was intramural fields and tennis courts.  Thirty-seven years later a lot has changed as Penn State and Ag Sciences adapts to meet the needs and challenges of a changing world. It's hard to reconcile the science and math classes I had then  (Chem 12, Biol 11, and Math 62) with the work and challenges students face today.

Mount Nittany stills looks the same!


Sue N said…
I'm not sure what to think of the big construction project. Part of me, the old alumni part that used to play in those fields, is sad to see them go. But on the other hand I am extremely excited at the growth and direction of the scientific community at Penn State.

I hope you post more pictures of the ongoing development of the complex and someday some of the things that the College is doing there.

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