The Challenge for Students, and Faculty, and Staff, and Everyone...

My boss sent this video to a group of us late yesterday. It is a sobering account of what faces us all in a world changing faster and faster. And it also outlines the challenge set before the College of Ag Sciences. New ideas, new tools, new skills and a growing flow of information is being met head on by a lot of the people I meet on a day to day basis.

It is an amazing place to work!


Sally M said…
You sound excited to be working at Penn State. Judging by the content I've seen on this blog Ag Sciences seems to be an exciting place.

The video makes me think about what might have to change to meet the growing competition in the world. But I know Penn State is a great competitor!

Gill said…
Nice to see a college that is exclusively for Agricultural sciences. In think that the government of every country must fund and start government agricultural colleges....because the youth of today are giving least importance to agricultural science. So I think the government must do something.
Anonymous said…
I put the link on my Facebook page. WOW.

Steve Williams said…
Sally M: It is a fascinating and challenging environment. I am fortunate to be part of the Ag Sciences team. I'm sure the College is up to the emerging challenges and issues facing all of us in the coming years.

Gill: I agree with your sentiments. Funding will be a growing challenge for all colleges in the coming years. It is important for people to understand the importance and relevance of the work done here and at other agricultural research institutions.

Kerry: That video makes you feel like you have to run to keep up doesn't it?!

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