A Multiple Seat Microscope

Last week we were making environmental portraits of the staff at the Animal Diagnostic Lab as part of a Web redesign project when I walked into a conference room and saw this unusual microscope. The woman sitting at the scope was looking at a cytology section of a horse’s lip trying to determine if cancer cells were present. After I left my assistant told me she asked two other veterinarians to have a look and they could just sit down at one of the other eyepieces and see exactly what she was seeing. Five different people could look at once if needed.

The Animal Diagnostic Laboratory within the Department of Veterinary Science at Penn State University is a nationally recognized veterinary diagnostic laboratory committed to the health of animals. With a staff of veterinarians and veterinary specialists, many of which are board certified in such specialties as preventative medicine, microbiology, pathology, avian medicine and virology, the laboratory serves as a central reference facility for the approximately 1,200 veterinarians and animal owners that currently use the service.

Lots of strange equipment out there.


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