Ag Career Day

I meet students all the time in my work. Janelle, James, and Deidre are all students in the College of Ag Sciences. Janelle and James are in Animal Sciences and Deidre is in AgriBusiness Management. Janelle has appeared in some of our recruiting materials and picture appears in the banner of the Agricultural Sciences major Web site.

I ran into them at Ag Career Day in the Bryce Jordan Center. In addition to concerts, monster trucks, and Penn State basketball both our college and Penn State hold large events where students can meet potential employers and talk about jobs and internships.

I've been here a long time so I see people at these events who were once students and now are on the other side of the table as employers. Not long ago I photographed a student who I determined while talking to him that I photographed his father when he was a student. It reminds me that Ag Sciences is a closely connected college and feels like family, not just for faculty, staff, and students while they are on campus, but over the years as students become alums.

It's a special place.


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