Autumn at Penn State

I don’t think there is a college campus anywhere in the country more beautiful than the University Park campus of Penn State. From the first time I set foot on campus in 1971 through this afternoon walking back to my office I can honestly say that the magic of the landscape here has been consistent. Under the dark grey sky today I stopped in my tracks to admire the fiery ivy covering Henning Building. As I puttered around with the camera for a few moments several people stopped and joined me in admiration of the Penn State autumn experience now in full swing.

Penn State makes the environmental surroundings and appearance of the campus a high priority. And anyone who visits and takes a moment to have a look benefits from that commitment. Over the coming weeks I’ll try and make some more pictures of campus for those of you who can’t visit right now.  

The Henning Building is home to three academic departments – Dairy and Animal Science, Poultry Science, and Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences. Each of those programs have labs and other facilities across campus but Henning is where their administrative homes reside.

If there is someplace special you would like to see leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do.


Karl said…
I love being able to follow a bit with what's going on in the College. I hope you provide an even wider view of what's going on. I miss being on campus.

Anonymous said…
You should get up to the Governmental Affairs skybox and take pictures of the Ag Arena, barns, and mountains. They would be gorgeous autumn shots.

Steve Williams said…
karl: The University Park campus is lovely in the fall and always worth a visit.

Kerry: I'll see if I can get into the skyboxes to make some pictures. I always love a challenge.
Ale- said…
oh, lovely.
I missed this one, it was a pity.

my university never was so nice. Fortunately now that I'm an architect I live on the coast, so the landscape compensates enough!

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