Medieval Affair

I attended graduation on Saturday morning at Eisenhower Auditorium and looking at the colorful gowns and robes was struck by the strong current of tradition. In the United States our academic regalia finds roots over 600 years ago in traditions started in Europe. The more important tradition has roots far older though and probably lost in human prehistory – the recognition of the transfer of knowledge from generation to generation.

Watching graduation was a lesson in the process of ensuring knowledge remains alive and vital. It doesn’t matter what it is or if it occurs at a university, a high school, in an apprenticeship, or in any number of other educational venues it is always comforting to know that our society understands the value of committing to this process that stretches back to the beginning.

Sitting in the balcony looking out over the audience I wondered how often this same sort of ceremony has occurred throughout the world.


Chuck Pefley said…
So right. I had not thought of the origins, nor had I considered the "passing of the torch" so to speak. Valuable insight.
Steve Williams said…
chuck: I've worked here for a long time and it has been recent that I became aware of the process. It's easy to overlook.

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