Form and Function

Many of the new buildings on campus not only have state of the art labs and classrooms but unique architectural details as well. Like this series of water fountains in the Life Sciences Building. Our marketing director pointed it out to me while we were scouting locations for a photo shoot.

The Life Sciences Building houses College of Agricultural Sciences faculty working as part of the Huck Institute for the Life Sciences. CAS faculty are in leadership positions in areas from molecular toxicology and carcinogenesis to immunology and infectious disease. They research human disease, animal disease and more.

None of that explains the elegant water fountain configuration but I’m glad to see them.


Chuck Pefley said…
Very unusual to see 4 together. Your students must all get thirsty at the same time -:)

In the smaller image these first looked to me like weights, or possibly metal sculptures with faces. They appear also to be hanging both from the rod (moulding trim) and from thin air.

Nice architectural detail.
No explanation needed. We just like wetting our whistles in style.
chris. said…
At a guess, it looks to me like the water fountains have been set to heights easy to access for either able-bodied or handicapped individuals. But taken to an interesting design level that i've not seen before. Very nice!

(I'm really liking this blog, btw! Having been a fan of Scooter in the Sticks for awhile. Well done!)
Ale- said…
I like them but after a first glance I'm actually disturbed by the 2nd and the 4th being miasligned just of an inch...
I'm used to think that, if asymmetry has to be, be it marked.
I'm an architect, after all...

nice picture, Steve!

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