Landscape Contracting

At this time of year junior and seniors in the Landscape Contracting program bring to life landscaping projects worked on in their design studios. From site drawings, models, and CAD designs they have the opportunity to see what an idea will look like in a real installation. It seems a wonderful opportunity to merge art, technology, and natural systems. I caught this scene as a group of students walked out of the frame and left Gabe appearing to be all my himself amidst a large project.

This installation is taking place next to the Carnegie Building, a place with a lot of history at Penn State. A gift by steel magnate and Penn State trustee Andrew Carnegie it has at one time housed the Library, the Daily Collegian – one of the nation’s first daily college newspapers, and now home to the College of Communications. But for landscape contracting students its now a big canvas to practice what they learn.


Chuck Pefley said…
OJT is such a great deal for all concerned.
Anonymous said…
An amazing opportunity for a student to embrace.
first sounds said…
great photo of the blank garden canvas. it's crying for chloroplasts like paper does for paint. i hope to see the "after" shot someday.
hrw115 said…
That is a great photo. I love how it looks like the individual in the picture seems to be all by himself amidst a project that looks like it needs a bulldozer to complete.

This "isolationism" which you subscribe to your images is definitely your calling card. ;)

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