Penn State Horses

It’s not often you see horses walking on campus anymore. Especially just a few hundred yards from Beaver Stadium on the day of the Blue-White football game. 

These are some of Penn State’s Registered Quarter Horses on their way to the Little International, a livestock show run by the Block and Bridle Club. All these horses, two year olds and yearlings, were part of the judging competition that takes place every spring. And if you are in the market for a good Quarter Horse some of them will be available at this coming weekend’s Registered Quarter Horse Sale.

The Penn State Dairy Expo also took place at the Ag Arena with students from the Dairy Science Club showcasing their skills in preparing and exhibiting dairy cattle. Lots of animals to look at on Saturday – horses, sheep, swine, beef cattle, and Holstein cows.


Chuck Pefley said…
Great looking livestock. I like the gentle line you've captured in this photo. Very nice.
Anonymous said…
Our son and daughter both are interested in horses. I made the mistake of showing them this and they want to go to Penn State to buy a horse. Even so, as an old alum, I am glad a friend sent me a link here.

Sekhar said…
Excellent shot. Keep it up :)
Conchscooter said…
My sisters rode horses when we were children a lifetime ago and even then I preferred horsepower, (in stereotypical style). Honestly I miss the GTS. I just do.
Ronman said…
I absolutely love this photograph Steve. The colors and shine of the horses are amazing.


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