Spring Beginnings

Theoretical Agriculture is a place where I’ll post things that attract my attention as a photographer working in the College of Agricultural Sciences at Penn State. Over the coming weeks you'll glimpse what I see behind the scenes.

It seemed appropriate to begin with a sign of spring -- flowers (though research greenhouses offer blooms year round). I found these Regal Pelargoniums while searching for a location to shoot an assignment, a routine that gives me a chance to notice little landscapes like this.

These plants are part of a breeding program in the Department of Horticulture focused on improving their commercial performance. Things like color, and better resistance to insects and disease.

It’s a beginning.


Ale- said…
a nice beginning. are those pelargoniums some scented ones? I actually love those riped-edge-leaved pelargoniums which smell like lemon...

new adventures in a world which - could you imagine that? - is not so new for some of us: botany!


L'Insetto Scoppiettante
Steve Williams said…
ale: Oh no! I didn't stop to smell the roses, I mean pelargoniums. And they have tossed those plants already.

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