Ad Shoots for Penn State AgScience Magazine

The first issue of the College's redesign of Penn State Agriculture magazine will soon be heading to the printer. Some of the last things to complete are a series of institutional ads. These new items will reflect the College community's involvement in one of our key areas of focus. Stacie Bird stood in for lighting tests as we prepared to create photos concieved by art director Jonathan Ziegler. The first setup was in the a little sitting area of the Chemistry Building.

Ottar Bjornstad, professor of entomology, biology,and statistics, met with us in the Life Sciences building for the second shoot. He'll appear in an ad reflecting his work and the college's ongoing commitment to research.

Sarah Peterson is a junior in the Immunology & Infectious Disease program and agreed to be the subject for the first shoot. Her story will appear as part of the campaign focused on teaching in the College.

I'm constantly reminded of the amazing people and work that make up the College of Ag Sciences.


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