Kids and Ag Literacy

There's something about a bee suit that makes for a good picture. Having it donned by a kid is just gravy. You can't go wrong. This young lady was part of a group of elementary school students who were visiting campus to learn about the range and diversity of agricultural enterprises. These students were learning about the importance of honeybees and how they are managed.

In the picture Reilly Ronan tries on protective equipment.

Cockroaches hold a special fascination for kids. This group was learning how they might quantify insect movement using a digital timer and sheets of white and black paper. At least I think that's what they were doing. I neglected to take notes instead relying on my less reliable memory.

In the counting cockroaches picture are (from left) Jack Lewis, Kolby Cowher, Logan McKernan, Sarah McCaslin, Taylor Hunter, with St. Matthew School teacher Mrs. DiDomenico (rear).

I couldn't stay for the entire event but from what I saw everyone was having a great time.


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