Photo Shoots

This morning we were making photographs to support the College's fund raising activities for the United Way. Alyson, a junior majoring in Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences, was modeling one of the sweatshirts on sale with proceeds going to the United Way. If you are interested in purchasing shirts, sweatshirts, blankets or coffee mugs contact:

Peter Kauffman

With the sun going in and out of the clouds two colleagues helped control the light. That's Pete on the left holding the translucent disk. Not only is Pete a master at light control he is also the Art Director of Penn State Agriculture magazine.

Stacie Bird
is directing the fill light position. Stacie indicated to me that her role should be characterized as "indispensable assistant". Fill light is critical and delivered by indispensable assistant Stacie Bird.

Alyson just has to endure the sun shining in her face when it emerges from the clouds.

At this particular moment you might ask what light? But a moment later the sun streamed through and I was in business.

Austin was working with us as we made pictures for a new brochure for one of the undergraduate programs. Since almost all labs are illuminated by florescent light it's necessary to bring in some extra light. We always use students in Ag Sciences for the pictures I shoot for print, exhibits, and the Web . For more information about undergraduate programs visit the Future Students site.

Every photo assignment is not like this. Yesterday I was in the Moshannon State Forest shooting pictures for a story in the magazine. In addition to worrying about exposure and composition I spent some time removing 15 ticks...


Anonymous said…
Stacie is simply indispensable, period!


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