The Field Office

At work near Beaver Stadium making a photograph for a new undergraduate recruiting campaign. This was one of ten images for ads reaching out to students who haven’t chosen a major. Each has a short headline (Field Office for the latest one) and poses a question to the viewer about their future and plays against preconceived notions of agricultural sciences.

Production Assistant Stacie Bird brings an alternative chair for Mike Mohney, Instructor in Landscape Contracting, tests out his new Field Office. I tend to like offices with lower light levels.

Below are several other ads in the campaign.


Anonymous said…
Love them!!

B Schuler said…
Those horses are exquisite! I've enjoyed all of your photos, in fact. Penn State's Ag Sciences area is quite a kaleidoscope and you're doing a great job showing that. THANKS!
Chuck Pefley said…
Fun image the "Field Office". I like the umbrella left in the image. Fortunate clouds add nice interest, too.

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