Creamery Tour

A picture from a recent tour at the Creamery Plant led by manager Tom Palchak. In this picture a group of visitors from Slovakia and the Czech Republic ask questions about cream cheese production. I saw the reflection of the wash water in one of the big cheese making tanks and had to make a picture.

Students and faculty take advantage of the facilities in this plant to explore the real world problems and opportunities faced by the dairy processing industry. For more information visit the Berkey Creamery Web site.

There are often visitors from other countries here representing industry, government and educational institutions. They are anxious to see how we do things at Penn State. I made a procedural error on this day. After the rather warm and humid air in the cheese making room we next headed through the ice cream freezer, a huge storage and hardening facility, which is kept at -30C. I neglected to dress warm that day and braved the cold in shirt sleeves.

It always puzzles me that people stop inside the freezer to ask questions.


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