Penn State Honey Bees

Just outside the greenhouses behind Tyson Building are several beehives. The only beehives on the University Park campus. Most people never notice them unless someone is there working. They blend nicely into the campus landscape.

Commenting on the lack of hand and arm protection the two students who work in one of the entomology labs doing bee research told me, "These are very relaxed, laid back bees." The bees are probably fat and happy with all the nectar and pollen available from the thousands of flowers on campus. I learned that honey from these colonies is exquisite -- light in color and sweet unlike any they've tasted. Makes perfect sense that Penn State honey bees would make great honey.

For more information check out the site on honey bee and pollinator research.


Chuck Pefley said…
Laid back or not, I still think these students are quite brave and trusting! I'm far more cynical -:)

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