Making Connections -- the Penn State Network

I made this picture at the end of summer semester and forgot about it. It was made during a field trip by the AG LEAP class at the Moshannon State Forest on the way back to the bus. Students had a chance to talk with the Forest District Manager about issues and activities to keep the forest healthy, useful and available for generations to come. Students in the summer LEAP program get a head start on their education and make connections with other students as they attend all their classes together.

As I thought about the picture I am reminded at how strong the connections are among the students, faculty and alumni of the college. Relationships start as undergraduates and last a lifetime. It is one of the powerful benefits of the Penn State experience.

The College of Ag Sciences feels like a big extended family. They help each other in school and that help continues through professional lives and beyond.


RickRussellTX said…
There is something uniquely invigorating about working a higher education setting, isn't there? You keep meeting these people full of amazing ideas, and even if only a few of them are able to achieve their goals, you feel better to just have the opportunity to support them.
Steve Williams said…
RickRussellTX: I've worked at Penn State for over three decades and it is as exciting today as it was when I first stepped foot on campus in the 1970s. Ideas, dreams and hard work are a great mix for growth and development of the leaders of tomorrow.

I'm starting to meet children of students I worked with when I first came here.

Time flies!

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