Spring Break Class Trip

Barbeque chicken and pork for lunch always draws a crowd. Faculty, staff, and students got together today to raise money for a class trip by selling lunch from Clem’s BBQ. During spring break this year the AG 497B class, a two-credit course, will be heading to Louisiana to engage in service projects in areas still suffering the effects of Hurricane Katrina. Students will be building a greenhouse structure at a New Orleans high school, a living wall at a Baton Rouge high school, and conduct a teacher workshop on building living walls.  All part of the diverse experiences available to students in the College of Ag Sciences.

Lots of people showed up for lunch. I was going to post a picture of mine but I ate it before I thought of the camera…


1-UP said…
So Steve, what's a living wall?

Assume it is a structure with various plants making up whole or part attached to some form of mesh or similar.

As much as climbing roses latch on to structures to climb.
hrw115 said…
When I was still eating meat I would get all of the physicists together and we would make a big order from those Ag students. :) Then we could have a big picnic in our conference room. Great fundraiser! Can't go wrong with Clems!
irondad said…

I love good BBQ! You thought of eating before making a photo? This new blog has certainly changed you.

I'm curious why you enable comment moderation on this site.

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