Distraction and Temptation

I was on my way to the Penn State Horticulture Club meeting last night to see if I could find a few students to be in pictures for some of the Horticulture program's new recruiting materials we are developing.  With the wind blowing, snow flying, and the temperature hovering around 10 degrees the site of the Berkey Creamery sign almost turned me away from my intended route.  The promise of ice cream and getting out of the cold were a serious distraction.  And I know, it doesn't make any sense.

Before I could make my pitch for help at the meeting the club brought in a bunch of pizzas.  Again, temptation tried to push me off course.  I didn't waver though and was happy to find four students volunteer to step in front of the camera in the coming weeks.  Several pictures are on the planning table right now.  One in a research greenhouse, another in a big, walk-in growth chamber, and a couple others in a molecular lab.  I'm looking forward to making these photographs.

After the meeting the weather calmed slightly.  The snow stopped though the cold and wind were still at large.  Spring can't be far off now.


Chuck Pefley said…
Awoke to snow in Seattle this morning. I'm hoping you're right that spring isn't far off! Not sure I can relate to cold weather and ice cream being compatible, but this notion of getting in somewhere warm is very sensible.
Steve Williams said…
Chuck: The sun is out today and the temperature approaching 50. Ice cream makes more sense than ever today!

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