Specialty Crops Research Initiative

Last week I was at the Fruit Research and Extension Center at Biglerville, Pennsylvania to make a portrait of Tara Baugher, tree fruit extension educator in Adams County. We needed a picture of her for the article I’ve written an article on specialty-crop research for the next issue of Penn State Agriculture. I won’t give away much about the story now – you’ll have to wait until the magazine comes out in January. If you don’t already subscribe you can get on the mailing list HERE.

Photography in the field is always a challenge, especially when using auxillary light. Thankfully there was no wind blowing. Tara waited patiently for me to get things setup in the peach orchard and we made some nice pictures. Now I have to wait to see what the designer of the magazine does with them.

If you absolutely can’t wait you can read more about the specialty crop research initiative HERE.


Anonymous said…
Cool shot, Steve. Can't wait to see the whole layout.

Tom said…
Well, I've not see photography in a peach orchard like that. Looks sort of surreal. I've subscribed to Penn State Ag and look forward to reading more about the new research.

Steve Williams said…
gordon: The magazine is in production right now and I am working with the art director and editor to get things together. It should go to the printer in December. It's always exciting to see how it comes together.

tom: Thanks for subscribing! I think you'll enjoy the magazine and be surprised at the range of activity that agricultural science touches.

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