Kids, Cameras, and Ag Progress Days

If you work in our College and either my assistant or I discover you have children we will eventually knock on your door. “Do you think it might be possible that we could use your kids as models in a picture for…”. I’ve uttered these words many times. And you can track the growing up of my daughter from infancy into her early teens in a range of College of Agricultural Sciences publications.
On this particular morning we were making a photograph of the kids playing with handmade wooden models of buildings that one might see in towns and farms across Pennsylvania. The image will be used to promote an educational, hands-on workshop for kids at this year’s Ag Progress Days. The wooden models will help them explore the basic principles of land use.

Working with kids is tough work. They make crawling around on a concrete floor look easy but my body tells me otherwise. I’m not a kid anymore despite what I think.


pitchertaker said…
How absolutely gorgeous is the light from a good softbox. Makes me want to go play in the studio, that is if I had one.

Sekhar said…
Nice project indeed :) Keep up the good work.
Steve Williams said…
pitchertaker: Maybe you need a new building and home improvement project---a studio! The softboxes do produce amazing light and effect.

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