Bioreactors and Biofuels Research

While working on illustrations for an article in the next issue of Penn State Agriculture magazine I found myself in a lab fuel of bioreactor vessels. This lab runs under a collaboration between Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences, Engineering, and Earth and Mineral Sciences. Work here will look at techniques and processes of extracting energy from a range of feedstock from soybeans and corn to switchgrass and other lignocellulosic-based materials.  Much of this research is done by researchers working with Penn State's Institutes of Energy and the Environment.

For me these devices were small sculptures and quite inviting as subject matter.  Stay tuned for the next issue of the magazine to see if anything makes it’s way onto those pages.


Sarah said…
Any estimates on how long it will be until ethanol based fuel can economically be derived from those biomass sources other than corn? I assume that's part of or most of the work going on at Penn State?

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