Hot Summer Day

Despite the heat the landscape has remained lush on Penn State's University Park campus. Walking across campus yesterday I was impressed by the variety of vegetation and flowers in bloom. This along the sidewalk between Tyson Building and the Life Science Building.

The students are beginning to return for fall semester but around 9am the sidewalks are still almost empty. This rider had an uneventful trip past the Life Sciences Building towards town.

Ivy isn't just for buildings (though right now I can't think of any ivy covered buildings here anymore). This picture was made along the walkway behind Spruce Cottage.

More flowers in a bed outside of Tyson Building, home of the Department of Horticulture.

Right outside the front door of Tyson Building are two large concrete plants that overflow with flowers and grasses. In a hurry as usual I could only make a quick picture as further evidence that summer has not battered the campus landscape too badly.

I wonder what winter will bring.


Chuck Pefley said…
A very nice looking campus. What a great place to wander while you work.

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