The Rehearsal

Every spring brings the end of the academic year and for some the end of their undergraduate career and the beginning of their professional lives.  Yesterday morning faculty and staff gathered in the Eisenhower Auditorium to rehearse for the main event this morning.

The empty auditorium will be full of proud parents, friends and family of this year's graduating class.


Anonymous said…
Large "school" auditoriums.
So familiar to me. My background was instructional materials consultant. So in my school board all the secondary school auditoriums were my turf. Audio systems and lighting and all that goes with formal non-theatric presentations. And too
photographs taken. To remind me of the particular auditorium I would have to arrange that day or evening. And then make sure my assistants had all the equipment they required to ensure the presentation came off without a problem.
Graduation ceremonies were, for the most part routine. Sometimes
the valedictorian would even after
numerous practice rounds still get nervous or a lamp would expire with a pop or somebody would do something equally un-nerving.
I had 45 elementary and 11 secondary and special schools under my care. And they all had graduation ceremonies in May and June. It was a hectic time of year and lasted for me 24 years.
Ironically I never attended my own secondary school graduation ceremony; and to this day don't revert back in thought to my own secondary school days, they weren't memorable.
hrw115 said…
I think that that is quite possibly the most beautiful picture of Eisenhower that I have ever seen. It is a stunning shot.
hrw115 said…
I think that that is the most beautiful picture of Eisenhower that I have ever seen. It is simply stunning!

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