Winter at Penn State

It's the first day of December and my thoughts have turned towards winter.  There has been no significant snowfall yet but it can't be far off now.  I came across this photograph of the Snider Agricultural Arena while searching our digital archive for pictures for a project.  The University Park campus retains a quiet beauty through every season and winter is no different.  As a student years ago I would grumble a bit when I had to walk across campus from East Halls to Deike Building for a Saturday morning class (yes, Saturday morning classes were once a reality).  But I have come to appreciate the changing seasons and the transformation of the campus.  You can see a few more winter campus pictures HERE.

The metadata for this file indicates this picture was made last March at 1:09 AM on Saturday morning.  I don't usually drive back to campus in the snow in the middle of the night but there are times that you just don't want to miss.  And even at this time of night there were people in the Arena and the holding facilities getting ready for an event later that day.  Sometimes it seems the College of Ag Sciences never sleeps.


Anonymous said…
I think that is the most beautiful picture. Thank you! The Ag Arena never looked so good.
Steve Williams said…
Thanks for the kind words. I'll be out in the snow again this winter to see what the College looks like. A suggestion was made that I shoot something from the skyboxes at Beaver Stadium and I am pursuing access there now. Who knows what might appear!
Richard Kipp said…
Nice writing and photography. I began seeking Farm Show info, and came to these beautiful images of winter. I enjoyed Annemarie's campus scenes from 2005.
Steve Williams said…
Richard: The ride home today from Farm show set-up had similar weather -- weather that has come to represent Farm show season.

Thanks for the kind words about the pictures.

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