Ag Hill at Night

I made this view towards the Agricultural Sciences and Industry Building (ASI) last night. There are a lot of pretty views of Ag Hill from the top of the Eisenhower Parking deck. On some evenings all the greenhouses are illuminated. Not the case today though. Projects are in transition right now and some don’t need the extra light I suppose.

The University Park campus of Penn State is a beautiful place. At night is can look magical. I need to get out more after dark. I’ll search for some more interesting views of the College of Agricultural Sciences at night.

ASI is one of the bigger buildings on campus and houses the departments of Entomology and Crop and Soil Sciences. There are also labs and offices for faculty and staff in the Department of Dairy and Animal Science as well as classrooms, meeting rooms, a small cafĂ© and a lot of other things. And at this time of the evening it’s still pretty busy with graduate students working on a wide range of projects into the wee hours.


irondad said…
Hmmm. The newly arrived traveller looks around and says, "It's nice here!"
Anonymous said…
Ag Hill has changed since I was there. We'll be bringing our granddaughter to State College next week and looking forward to a visit.

Thanks for sharing these moments.

Bryce said…
The photographer matters, not the equipment.

However it would be nice or a revelation to know which camera and lense was used for which image.
Know you have a penchant for Leica, which is entirely understandable, however you are also using a D200 as I recall.

And a supplementary question about the State College ice cream: how far afield is the ice cream delivered? That is would it be available at outlets, say in Erie for example? Erie being the closest to me as the crow flies across Lake Erie via Buffalo.
Anonymous said…

You should get up to the skybox at Beaver Stadium and photograph the mountains and the Ag Arena and barns. It would be a gorgeous shot in the autumn.


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