Penn State Horses: Foals

There is no way I can keep up with everything that goes on in an institution as large as the College of Agricultural Sciences at Penn State. By phone, by email, or a chance meeting in the hallway people tell me about things. My boss recently sent an email an email about the new foals at the Horse Barns. Since we are always looking for pictures of students depicting the wide range of activity here I thought it would be worth a look.

Krystal is an Animal Sciences major and works at the Horse Barns along with a cadre of other students. She agreed to help set up a picture with the new foals. Those baby horses were quite a handful that morning. If you’ve not been around horses it’s hard to imagine the energy and power.  Next time we may opt for the older and halter trained horse.  Then all I have to worry about is if their ears are up...


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